Honoco Pics

The lake and surroundings constantly change leading to some exceptional photo opportunities.  We urge you to send us your best and we will endeavor to add them to the site for everyone to enjoy.  Click on the pic for a larger view.

IMG_1505  20150117_171228  IMG_1508  IMG_1485


Honoco Road Annual Party 2018


  • Thank you to our new neighbors, the Mikula’s, for hosting the 2nd
    Annual Honoco Rd picnic. I counted 100 attendees and more folks arrived later. Weather was perfect. “Restless” gave us live rock and country music. The food was delicious. We saw old friends and made new ones. I took a gazillion (maybe less) pictures on my IPad. Our Website doesn’t allow for members to post pictures directly but I’d be grateful if someone has an idea on how to do so.

  • Judy fagen

    Happy New Year Friends.
    Many of you attended the Honoco Road picnic last summer. I took many pictures on my IPad. It was a fun day with lots of really nice people, great music and food. I could not post them directly on the website as it wasn’t yet set up to do so. I gave Bob King the DVD with the pictures. Some of you borrowed it to copy. I’m still hoping some of the pictures will make it to this website. Nice memories.

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