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This is an area on the website where homeowners can post comments, questions, opinions, and just about anything else (in good taste) for everyone to read and reply to. Posts here don’t have to be related specifically to Road Association business.  For example, if you have something to sell, simply want to wish a grandkid a Happy Birthday, or share a great joke, this is the place.  If you need some help maintaining your easement or simply have questions for the Association, just post a comment here.

All of the postings on the site regardless of which part of the site they are from are collected for periodic review by the website administrator and the Association Board.  Your posts will not go unnoticed.  Promise.  No emails to deal with, just put it here for a response.  It’s an experiment, and we will see how it goes and how it gets used.  You don’t have to fill in the Name, eMail, or Website boxes to post, but it goes without saying that we reserve editing rights to inappropriate posts…Simply add text to the Comment section and click on the blue POST COMMENT box at the bottom.


  • Chris Maas

    Is there a farmstand in the area where I can get some fresh strawberries – and other produce as the season goes on? I know we have a small one right up Lake Road, but are there others nearby?

    • Sandy Denman

      Hi Chris. I like Morgan’s Half Acre farm stand. Its about 15- 20 minutes from Aurora. I saw their strawberry sign just yesterday. The address is 6169 Half Acre Rd. Auburn. Very easy to find with your garmin. Wonderful folks. Tell them I sent you.
      Sandy Denman

  • Cyndy

    Hi All,

    We no longer reside on Honoco but we do still have a property there. I just wanted to ask if the leash law and picking up after your animals law was also was law for Honoco Rd? I ask this because every year when we come to mow, plant, mulch and clean up our place for summer we end up mowing dog crap every year🙈 I know the the place looks abandoned till we get there for the first time every year 🙈( I was there today and did almost all of the yard work)however, weather our yard is mowed or not it’s not a litter box for others animals !! PLEASE people we would appreciate if your animal must poop that you clean it up and also neighbors just don’t let your dogs out and just allow them to come to our yard PLEASE AND THANKYOU! Another reason is we have poison out around for other pests and wouldn’t want to have an un necessary tragedy🙈❤️

  • Thomas Holland

    Many thanks to whoever it was that stood those two mailboxes up at the beginning of the mailbox row. I understand we may be fixing those mailboxes for good this summer. If so I’ll be more than happy to volunteer my time to help spearhead this. Thank you again to whoever it was it’s good those boxes up. Tom

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Good morning rodies…..Hopefully everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving…

    By now I am sure that you have received your email from Cindy Krause about planning our New Years Eve Party. I thought I would post our invite on our website in case some one did not receive their email…

    We want to have a progressive New Years Eve Party as we had two years ago. Many of us want to stay close to home and thought it would be a good idea to do this again. Two years ago there were 4 stops including appetizers, soups, main meal and dessert. The following morning many folks got together for a brunch.

    We are asking if interested in participating please contact Cindy or myself by Dec 8th so we can put together a meeting to organize who is doing what.

    Thank you and look forward to talking with you soon…..

    Mary Ann

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Good morning all…..Hopefully you have noticed the sign up front I changed. Due to a lack of interested I did cancelled the Chili Cook Off…I am sure many wanted to use the 75 degree weather to finish up their fall projects, go for a ride, or just enjoy……not really Chili weather…..

    However….We will be having the Brush Clean Up….will be held 10:00 – 12:00. Please meet at 1479 Honoco Road on Oct 22nd, @ Mary Ann Vincent’s house…..

    Thank you all…

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Brush Clean Up
    We are asking for volunteers for Brush Clean Up Day OCTOBER 22nd, 10:00 till 12:00. We are asking that you bring your own equipment. Those interested, please meet at Mary Ann Vincent’s house @ 1479 Honoco Road.
    After the Brush Clean Up, I will be hosting a Chili Cook Off. We will start at 1:00 till 5:00. Bring your favorite chili and we’ll see who has the best……

    Please RSVP to Mary Ann Vincent by calling 315-604-0789.

  • Anonymous

    hi,my name is joan sage ,I live on clearview rd. I think I may have lost my camera (a canon power shot,silver) on honoco on sat.10/7. I was riding my scooter to long point and one of my bags fell off, well it had a hole in it and my camera missing. I just noticed today 10/10.i looked for it today but no sign of it or the red pouch it was in.if anybody finds it could you call me at 315 364 5931. thanks,joan

  • Jim and Kathy Kleiber

    We signed a letter to Governor Cuomo for him to take urgent action to eliminate water quality impairments which have caused cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Skaneateles Lake, Owasco Lake, Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake, Hemlock Lake, Canadice Lake and dozens of other New York waterbodies.

    Please tell others about this letter and the urgent need to sign it! You can paste the link below into your search engine,…..and share this web address via email, chat or however else you can:


    Thank you, Jim and Kathy, 1701 Honoco Rd

  • Joel Lee

    FOUND KAYAK…..Washed up 9/3. Yellow Potomac. Claim at 1729 Honoco Rd. Sitting out front

  • Chris Maas

    Does anyone have an address or phone number for the people who owned my cottage two owners ago? Pre-Jeff Streeter

    • Chris Maas

      I actually wasn’t finished. I believe their last name is Herring although I have no idea how it’s actually spelled. I have something here at the cottage that I know they left here, and I believe they might want. Thanks in advance if you can offer any help locating them!

  • Clevelands

    golf cart for sale ,$1200 ,1469 honoco rd. 607 239 0738 or 607 239 0781

  • I have a Hobie Cat that I no longer use. It is complete with sails etc. It is only missing the front “stay” wire wire which snapped ) and is easily replaceable.

    I am hoping that someone on Honoco Road can make good use of it.

    If you want it you can have it “free”. Just drop me an email and we can set things up.

  • Anonymous

    How does one go about getting his name on the emailing list? I understand there was an email regarding the July 3 event and would like to be on future mailings. Thanks!

  • Cindy Krause

    There are copies of minutes from the Honoco Road Annual meeting on May 27th in the white mailbox. If they are gone and you are looking for one please drop me an email.


    Be looking for upcoming information regarding the annual Honoco Road picnic coming up JULY 15th!

  • Anonymous

    Last week someone damaged Janet McCarthy’s mailbox. I was going to try to repair it however some good samaritan replaced it with a new box. No one knows who did that. I as the mail carrier would like to thank whoever replaced her box.
    Tom Holland

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Good morning Rodies….

    As discussed at our annual meeting, we decided that trimming the brush along the side of our road twice a year would be a good idea. I have volunteered to head up the group….

    as I was thinking it over we probably should do this on a week day. I would like to do it in June if possible and then in the fall after Labor Day.

    If interested in helping, please call me 315-604-0789 or email maryannvincent18@yahoo.com….

    Tenative dates could be June 12 or 16 or 19…please let me know if any of these dates work for you.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Mary Ann

  • Robin Driskel

    Hi We have a RAve Water Trampoline we would like to sell- it does need a repair (the kits are available on the Rave website) Its the 10 foot Bongo- retails for over $800. We are asking $200 or will take best offer

  • Cindy Krause

    Thank you to everyone that helped us last week when our culvert overflowed and washed out our lawn and driveway. We live in a very caring and supportive community.

    Bill and Cindy

  • Chris Maas

    I’m the new owner of the cute red cottage at 1889 East Lake Rd. I’d love to sell the boat hoist as I’m not planning to need it. It is a Shore Station with an electric drive and canopy. I haven’t a clue what it’s value is, but any fair offer will work for me. I have all of the manuals and instruction sheets that Jeff had collected.

  • Cindy Krause

    Our son-in-law, Greg Tones, has recently started his own business which includes landscaping, lawn mowing and maintenance, mulching, tree/shrub trimming, power washing, etc. His telephone number is: 315-224-9991. He is very hardworking and dependable. Keep him in mind as spring approaches.

    “Tones Solutions” can be found on the internet as well as Facebook

  • Cindy Krause

    Hi Maureen,
    Would you mind updating our mailing address and you may also add my email address to the directory. Thank you for all of your hard work. We love the lake!!!!!!

  • Monica Moll

    Hello All! I am putting in a new culvert and I am looking for a place on the road to put about 15-25 tons of shale. The shale is nice and clean. If you are looking for some clean fill please email me mimiblugy@gmail.com or call (607) 351-6266. We are looking to do this sometime this November.


  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Good morning Rodies,
    I am trying to put together a group of people that would volunteer to help clear some of the brush on the road side. The tentative date will be Columbus Day, October 10th.
    We will not clear anything that is on your property, only brush that has grown up by the road that is scratching our vehicles as we drive by or pull over.
    Please let me know if you are interested to help with this project. You can contact me by phone 315-604-0789 or email maryannvincent18@yahoo.com.

    The plan will be to meet at my house at 8:30.

    As always thank you and look forward to hearing from you all.

    Mary Ann

  • Ann Mc

    A wooden Adirondack chair washed up on our shore on Monday morning 9/12/16. Let me know if anyone is missing one.

  • Anonymous

    Please note, that the Morse’s lost a row boat within the last week or so. If anything washes up, Please contact Steve or Christina.

  • I have a Montgomery Ward/Tappan 30 inch electric range. It is clean, all burners work, oven works. FREE. You move.

  • Anonymous

    Good morning Rodies…..This is a reminder that our Annual Road Picnic is SUNDAY AUGUST 8th at 2:00. Our gathering will be at the point, thank you Vickie, which will give us shade, larger area as well as more available parking.

    As we know, it takes a lot of hands to pull off a successful event so we are asking those that would like to donate some time to set up, clean up, donate paper goods…..help cook…..please contact Moreen MacNamara, Ed Osborn, Bob King, Tom Holland, Mary Ann Vincent to sign up for anything you would like to do. You can email us, call or just stop by and let us know what you would like to do to help.

    This is an awesome event and allows us all to get to know one another a little better.

    Look forward to hearing from you all soon……

    Thank you,
    Mary Ann

  • Anonymous

    The golf carts on our road have gotten completely our if control. Many are being driven by children and drunks and while we are all very concerned about the speed of cars it appears that golf carts and four wheelers are exempt from the speed limit. It seams that there is much more golf cart traffic than car traffic.

  • This posting is to inform anyone interested that we want to give away our boat hoist and roof assemble free to anyone willing to come and dismantle it (with my help) and haul it away. We are at 1441 Honoco Road and just bought our house last May. We don’t have a boat and don’t plan on getting one other than our canoe and kayak. I don’t know if the motor is functional but it a complete system and would probably also be valuable to someone interested in salvaging all of the metal. Feel free to stop by and look at it or call me at 607-216-7765. Thank you very much. Dave Unland

  • Susan Lesser

    Please tell me how to register a password so I can access the private directory.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Neighbors,
    I’m planning to improve my lakefront, and would like to build a retaining wall along the road’s edge. Can anyone recommend a stone contractor? Thank you.
    Jodi Wadach
    1611 Honoco Road

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone…..I would like to share with everyone that the new sign in support of our sponsors looks awesome….Super Duper Job!!!!! As always Road Committee….THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!

  • Michelle Jenkins

    If you are interested in making a Christmas garland I will have the stuff on Tuesday December 1 at 1761 ready to tie and make. Just bring your wine and we can create a beautiful garland. If you want you can bring a string of little lights ( 20 or 50 lights). I will have rope and fabric ready all you need to do is drink and tie it will be fun!!

  • Anonymous

    Just a Halloween note, our Band “Restless” is playing at Genoa Hotel on Saturday, are Oct 31rst from 8:30pm on, great time if you are out and about.

  • Anonymous

    Just to clarify, the work that necessitated the road closure last week, north of 1599, was done by us, not the road association. We used Eric Kessler and Dawn Swan, and they did an efficient and expert job. We highly recommend Kessler for this kind of work, as well as for reliable septic pumping.

    Carol & Ron Schmitt 9/25/15

  • Anonymous

    road roadwork on the 16th Sept. I will be out by 8:30 am no problem,

  • Anonymous

    Sept.16th is a bad day for road closure I have to be out of here in the morning to see my Dr. in Rochester for a follow up on my cancer treatment. I will have to get out in the am

  • Rob Kramer

    Plastic shed for sale at 1705 Honoco. The shed is in perfect condition, I simply need a larger one. It was bought new for $700. If interested please make offer with message at 585-329-3455. I will honor order of call. Buyer to disassemble and remove.

    • Rob Kramer

      Sorry i made a mistake…here is the brand and specks and the cost if bought new. Please look it up on the Lifetime shed website yourself.

      Lifetime Garden Shed 60005 10X8 Outdoor Storage Shed

      $1399.00 $1292.99

  • Ann McNamara

    “Cayuga Inlet was closed to treat Hydrilla” Binghamton Press, Tuesday, August 25, 2015.

    The paper stated that biologists “delivered a herbicides treatment” and that it is the first in a series. It also stated that animal should not be allowed to drink from the inlet for at least 14 days however they have tested the water up to Bolton Point and there is no sign that drinking water is affected.


  • Anonymous

    Good morning fellow neighbors on Honoco Rd. I love to look at all the beautiful decorated homes, flowers, manicured lawns etc. on my way into our home. I too love to plant flowers and put out yard ornaments for everyone to enjoy.
    Within the last two weeks of August we had some property stolen from 1382. We had a large metal crane bird stolen off the property and a small wind spinner and of course our Frog mouth gutter cap. We noticed the frog being gone and thought it was a joke. Yesterday we noticed our large crane metal bird taken from our roadside in front of your house The crane stands almost 3 feet tall. It was a costly item and one of my favorites. If anyone finds this crane lawn ornament please let me know. Sincerley, Linda Kittredge. 607-821-8496.

  • Ann McNamara

    Algae growth

    I have spoke with many residents who are very concerned about the algae we are seeing this year. All agree it is different from previous years and more invasive. Some growth on the shore has a terrible odor.

    I made several calls to the DEC and was finally connected with a representative in Albany who handles Algae concerns. After a couple of calls, he said he did not have the resources to send someone here in person but would send me a kit to take a sample and send it in. Mr. Patella also called and was told the same thing. We would really like to see them come down here and look (and smell) for themselves.

    If you are concerned about the algae or if you’d like to support our efforts , please call Scott Kishbaugh, DEC and request that he send a DEC representative here to assess our concerns. (518) 402-8286.

    Thank you.


    • Ann, you are right on the money. Seaweed is thicker and of different varieties. It is bad on the other side too. Thanks for calling Albany. We can all call there but they are individual calls. Our road association represents about 150 (there abouts) homes. I’m guessing this seaweed will only get worse. I’m willing to work with you and others.

  • Maureen McNamara

    This website is a great way for communications …another great way of making us more of a community.

  • tom holland

    Tonight we had our 2nd bylaws meeting, and Im happy to say we are moving forward on a positive path, and hope to have all issues addressed put into action soon.


  • Tom Holland

    Thank you to all that came to the picnic yesterday, Judy counted about 70 ish people, Restless played awsome and the weather was perfect, Its great to see the roadies connect

  • Jim Orman

    I recently had a bow cover made for my boat by Mahaney Canvas in Cayuga. Willis Mahaney did a great job (very reasonable) and can be reached at 258-0332.

    I also had a prop refurbished very reasonably by Joe Locastro in Auburn. He can be reached at 252-6107.

    Also there is a 5000lb hoist in Aurora for sale for $2000. I can reach owner for you.

    My email is “jorman@cayugacounty.us”.

    Great job, Ed. Web site is great and road is looking good!!

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    Good afternoon Honoco Roadies!!!! A reminder that our annual picnic will be held at the Tiki Bar (Thomas Holland’s resident), July 26th @ 2:00. Please bring a dish to pass and a chair. We look forward to seeing you all.

  • Marge Paulman

    My picture is from July 14!

    • Admin

      Hi Marge:
      I don’t have a way for you to directly access the website and post pictures. However, if you send them to me via email I can hopefully add them. When I get some time I will see if there is a way for you to attach pics to your comments but I don’t know how right now. Send to drbob1129@gmail.com. Thanks.

  • Marge Paulman

    This is a great way to communicate. I would like to upload the lovely pic I have of a sunset in the rain, dated July 21, but don’t see how to do that. Also am sorry to miss the first annual Honoco Road picnic since it is right next door, but we have a wedding that weekend! Have fun!

  • Christina Morse

    Great website! I could not find the “contact us” Link. A contact us link would allow sending private messages directly from the site and to the Honoco e-mail.

    • Admin

      Hi Christina:

      For now I think you will have to copy and paste the email address in the directory to your email provider site, but I will look into alternatives as I get some time. Thanks.

  • tom holland

    Last night 7/16/15, We the bylaws committee had our first meeting at Jim Ambroses, We discussed looking into legal avenues to make the bylaws to conform to present time. We will meet every 2 weeks and hope to make Honoco Road the best private road to live on.
    Many Thanks to Ed for pulling off the road repair, despite many setbacks, Ed got it done. Many Kudos to you Ed.

  • Susan L.

    The grand opening for the new Village of Aurora Farmers Market is this Saturday, July 18th at 9am.

    The market will start small this week, because so many interested area farmers have experienced crop delays because of the rainy weather this spring/summer. But small is beautiful!! And the market will grow over time as more produce comes into season.

    The Market will be open on Saturdays from 9:00AM – 12:00 Noon thru Saturday, October 10th. Come by, come BUY!!!

    The market will be held at the Wells College Softball Field parking lot (corner of Route 90 and Poplar Ridge Road).

    Our Market’s mission is to provide access to high quality, locally grown and/or produced food and other products that promote and support local farms and businesses.

    Interested in becoming a Market Vendor (or know something who might be?) Contact Marian Brown, interim market manager, at 364-3304 or by email at mbrown@wells.edu

    The Village of Aurora Farmers Market is made possible this year through a grant from the Cayuga Health Association Fund, a component of the Cayuga Community Fund, an affiliate fund of the Central New York Community Foundation.

    • Jeff and Beth Sprechini

      Thanks Susan for this info….had no idea and am very excited to have the market down the road.

  • Jim Ambrose

    I threw in the towel on the corporate world and retired as of 7/1 and trying to spend most of the time on the lake,….
    I have the little blue backhoe and happy to help out with small jobs,…bigger jobs is for the folks with the big equipment and trucks. I do not want to take work away from our reliable friendly contractors though. Smaller stuff with no need to haul material out, need it done now, I probably can help.

    Nice website and thanks to Bob King for his work,…

  • Mary Ann Vincent

    July 26, 2015 we will be having a picnic for Honoco Roadies. Flyers will be going out tomorrow and we are asking everyone to bring a dish to pass. We will be gathering at the Tiki Bar. See you all there!!!! 🙂

  • Dr. King,
    Thank you for all your time and effort in publishing this easy to find website! Very nice.

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