Want to know Association responsibilities versus your deed covenants?  Here is where we try to answer most of your Roadie questions.  Please comment if you don’t see what you are looking for.  We will  get back to you. Promise.

The Steering Committee is working on answers, but here are some of the questions we hope to address:

  • The By-Laws say that I have to maintain my portion of the road “in an appropriate manner”.  What does that mean?


  • I think I need a bigger culvert.  How do I get that done and who pays for it?  The Association will provide $250 towards the costs incurred for culvert replacement provided the replacement plan is approved ahead of time.  Because proper culvert design and installation is critical to managing the drainage and storm runoff we experience, the Association needs to participate in the plan and installation.  Please contact the President before agreeing to any contractor work on the road.


  • I know the Association provides Calcium Chloride bags in order to help keep the dust down on the road.  How do I get a bag and what is the best way to apply it? The Association will provide a 50 lb. bag of calcium chloride flake for your property.  Call the Association President to arrange for pickup.  Be sure to read through the attached link for proper application on your section of the road.  Calcium


  • I have standing water on a portion of my road almost all the time, and this is where most of my potholes develop.  What should I do to help eliminate the problem?


  • Who is responsible for keeping the road culverts open?


  • Who should we call if there is a storm emergency or slide on the road?


  • I see piles of stone in some places on the road but I don’t know if they were purchased by the homeowner for their private use.  Where are the Association stones for filling potholes?


  • What are all of the “Do Not Scrape” signs for on the road?  How do you smooth out the road if you can’t scrape it when you need to?


  • Do year-round residents pay additional fees for snowplowing?


  • Marge Paulman

    My phone number is changed. It is 585-296-5453. Could I get that changed in the directory? Thanks!

  • Ken O'Neil

    Do you know if the roadway paving contractor will doing work here this year? Also do you recall what they charged last year per running foot?

  • Laura Campbell

    We live at 1441 Honoco , but the directory doesn’t list us yet. We have lived at this address since May. How do we change the listing so that we can access the private directory and other things?

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