From time to time admin will add links to the site or ones our homeowners have discovered that might be useful information for all of us.  We have started with a few and hope you will stop by regularly to see what additions the Association has provided.  Please let us know if you would like more and regarding what subject.

Lake Levels

Lake levels are both controlled and monitored at Mud Lock on the north end of the lake.  There is an annual plan in place to control the levels, and the actual level is monitored on a daily basis and plotted on this graph along with the planned level data.  If you want to know where the lake level will generally be at any given time of the year this is a good graphic for that. Click on Water Levels.  Admin Note: Please be patient–this site takes about 15 seconds to load.

Cayuga County History

This a good thumbnail description of the general history of Cayuga County.  Click on County History.

Cayuga Lake History

Some interesting highlights of Cayuga Lake history from the Seneca County Historian.  Click on Lake History.

Cayuga Lake Freeze History

It doesn’t happen very often, especially near Honoco Road, but the lake does freeze over.  The most recent time was in 2015.  Here is some info on the history of Cayuga Lake freezes.  Click on Cayuga Freezes.

Cayuga Lake Fishing

There are currently 49 fish species present in Cayuga Lake.  If you are a fisherman on the lake, this site is the local encyclopedia of fish, fishing, techniques, and equipment for successful fishing on Cayuga.  If you can’t catch fish after visiting here, maybe horseshoes is your sport. Click on Cayuga Fisher.

Native American History

If you want to teach your grandkids about the peoples that have lived on the lake since 3500 BC, the Cayuga Nation site is a good starting point.  Click on Cayuga Nation.

Road Basics

One of the best road schools in the US is right in our backyard at Cornell University.  Their website is an excellent repository for all kinds of information on gravel roads and how to maintain them.  Their workshop manuals are comprehensive how-to’s for all aspects of roads like Honoco.  Find out how your Right of Way measures up against the advice of road experts.  Click on Cornell.

Zoning/Building Codes

Don’t let the perception of living on a private road fool you into thinking we can do whatever we want.  Honoco Road is under the regulatory jurisdiction of both the Town of Ledyard and the Town of Genoa zoning and code requirements and as such we are expected to comply with all of the regulations that are in place.  It is in your best interests to brush up on how your property measures up against the requirements and what steps to take before you “improve” your residences.  Click on either Ledyard or Genoa depending on where you live on the road.

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