Honoco Attends Town of Ledyard and Genoa Town Boards

During the month of Sept, Maureen McNamara attended the Town Meetings of both Ledyard and Genoa. She arrived with cookies in hand with the goal of establishing a new relationship with both boards. Maureen shared information about Honoco Road and our desire to foster new and more productive relationship. The Ledyard Board recognized Maureen and had a productive and informal discussion with them. The Town of Ledyard will be holding elections for a new Town Clerk. Several of the candidates were present. One, Jamie Bailey asked if the leadership of Honoco could meet with her and discuss our joint issues and concerns. We will be scheduling this meeting. At Genoa, Maureen was warmly greeted and had a very good discussion with them as well. These meetings were the first formal contact we have had with the two boards and see this as a very positive step. Perhaps a member of our community may be interested in attending some of the town meetings. Please let us know if you do.

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